Travelling in Cuba alone

Before you go to Cuba it will be correct to make a list of places of interest in Havana, Varadero or Trinidad. This way you will save your time while you are on the island of Freedom. If you decide to conquer Cuba alone we recommend to travel by car, or rather to use the Shuttle service, and make several routes. There are many options for transfer in Cuba. Following these simple rules, you can successfully travel alone in the Old Havana, Varadero, generally in Cuba.

From Jose Marti international airport you get to the capital of the island of Freedom – Havana. In Havana, it seems that everything around is not real, that it is the scenery for the shooting of feature films. The colonial architecture of Havana is impressive, but even more-a Park of retro cars. On these retro cars you can take a tour if you call the transfer service. Continue reading “Travelling in Cuba alone”


Want to feel the sea, breathe into the lungs, realize all the charm of the coast, ask question: if not Varadero then where?


Varadero is a resort town that was born far back in 1872. Prior to this, the first mention existed in 1555. Beach of Varadero was recognized as the cleanest in the world by UNESCO, and so on Cuba. It is located in the province of Matanzas and is a peninsula called Hicacos. In twenties peninsula could rapidly develop. Fore sure it was caused by same enchanting sea, with beaches and first-class hotels. Varadero significantly developed the economy of Cuba in particular of the capital of Havana. Continue reading “Varadero”

Cuban summer

What is it Cuban summer? It is rich to bright carnival events of the season. If you relax at this time in Havana or Santiago de Cuba you will be in the center of unrestrained fun. You can always get to Havana or Santiago de Cuba by taxi or by Shuttle.

Summer carnivals in Cuba

At the end of June Trinidad accepts Fiestas Sanjuaneras (Feast of St. Juan). It’s a celebration of Caribbean culture. But getting to Trinidad is not so easy. You will have to spend 4 hours on the way. There are several ways to get to Trinidad. The best of them is a taxi or Shuttle service. It is more convenient. By the way, the transfer service is very popular in Cuba and safe. Traveling by Shuttle will never overshadow your stay in Cuba. If you come to Trinidad to explore Cuba, a visit to Varadero must be in your plans. A profitable way to get to Varadero is to apply for transfer services. Many tourists do so. Continue reading “Cuban summer”

Old Havana

A little about history

Old Havana is the historical city-center and one of the 15 municipalities forming Havana, Cuba. It was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1984. All historical buildings, monuments and town squares of Cuba were included. Total list of sights on Cuba is formed of almost 1000 objects. Naturally this part of Havana is the most famous and most popular among tourists. Overwhelming majority of Havana’s places that are required to visit is located exactly here. In fact, the area of downtown named Old Havana is not that big. But every kind of interests, such as a variety of buildings of colonial architecture, cozy courtyards, small park areas, museums and atmospheric cafes, squares, monuments and “parking” of retro cars – are found at almost every step. It is possible to wander on streets of Cuba infinitely long. Continue reading “Old Havana”

Ikakos Peninsula is a Paradise in Cuba

Ikakos is located in the Northern part of Cuba in the province of Matanzas. This unusual name comes from the type of cactus. The coastal zone is protected from the elements of the sea by the largest coral reef. The most beautiful resort in Cuba – Varadero is situated in the fabulous Peninsula ikakos. The road from Havana to Varadero takes about two hours by taxi or shuttle. Continue reading “Ikakos Peninsula is a Paradise in Cuba”

Habana’s Malecón – Where the Whole World Meets

Originally built as Habana‘s protection against the sea and the “Nortes” winds, Malecón is the most turbulent promenade in Cuba hiding many passionate urban secrets. Vibrant street life, Cuban folk music, fishermen and night lovers dating, that is what defines this coastal miracle surrounding the old town of Habana.


Habana’s Malecón stretches for 8 km along the coast of the Cuban capital, Habana – from the Habana Harbor through the neighborhood of the Centro Habana to the Vedado neighborhood.


Construction of Malecón started in 1901 and was undertaken by Don Francisco de Albear, Cuba’s best engineer of those days. The aim was to build a steady seawall protecting the city against the water and northern winds. Construction works were resumed in 1921. Continue reading “Habana’s Malecón – Where the Whole World Meets”

La Fabrica de Arte de Habana – The Cuban Art Factory

If you are craving for something hip and very arty in Cuba, go visit a place loved by hipsters, youngsters and fashionable Cubans – the Cuban Art factory in Habana, a multi-faceted center of art, and an institution integrating visual arts, drama, music and dance.

Found in February 2014, the Cuban Art Factory is a transformed oil factory, located in the neighborhood of Vedado, Habana’s political and administrative center. It is a great place for integration, an interdisciplinary creative laboratory exhibiting the best of Cuban contemporary art. It was created by a rock musician and composer Equis Alfonso (X-Alfonso) who was inspired by the National School of Art of Havana where all artistic manifestations coexist in harmony. The conversion of the Cuban Art Factory into a cultural space happened due to the support of the Cuban Ministry of Culture. Continue reading “La Fabrica de Arte de Habana – The Cuban Art Factory”