Habana’s Malecón – Where the Whole World Meets

Originally built as Habana‘s protection against the sea and the “Nortes” winds, Malecón is the most turbulent promenade in Cuba hiding many passionate urban secrets. Vibrant street life, Cuban folk music, fishermen and night lovers dating, that is what defines this coastal miracle surrounding the old town of Habana.


Habana’s Malecón stretches for 8 km along the coast of the Cuban capital, Habana – from the Habana Harbor through the neighborhood of the Centro Habana to the Vedado neighborhood.


Construction of Malecón started in 1901 and was undertaken by Don Francisco de Albear, Cuba’s best engineer of those days. The aim was to build a steady seawall protecting the city against the water and northern winds. Construction works were resumed in 1921. Continue reading “Habana’s Malecón – Where the Whole World Meets”

La Fabrica de Arte de Habana – The Cuban Art Factory

If you are craving for something hip and very arty in Cuba, go visit a place loved by hipsters, youngsters and fashionable Cubans – the Cuban Art factory in Habana, a multi-faceted center of art, and an institution integrating visual arts, drama, music and dance.

Found in February 2014, the Cuban Art Factory is a transformed oil factory, located in the neighborhood of Vedado, Habana’s political and administrative center. It is a great place for integration, an interdisciplinary creative laboratory exhibiting the best of Cuban contemporary art. It was created by a rock musician and composer Equis Alfonso (X-Alfonso) who was inspired by the National School of Art of Havana where all artistic manifestations coexist in harmony. The conversion of the Cuban Art Factory into a cultural space happened due to the support of the Cuban Ministry of Culture. Continue reading “La Fabrica de Arte de Habana – The Cuban Art Factory”