Cuban summer

What is it Cuban summer? It is rich to bright carnival events of the season. If you relax at this time in Havana or Santiago de Cuba you will be in the center of unrestrained fun. You can always get to Havana or Santiago de Cuba by taxi or by Shuttle.

Summer carnivals in Cuba

At the end of June Trinidad accepts Fiestas Sanjuaneras (Feast of St. Juan). It’s a celebration of Caribbean culture. But getting to Trinidad is not so easy. You will have to spend 4 hours on the way. There are several ways to get to Trinidad. The best of them is a taxi or Shuttle service. It is more convenient. By the way, the transfer service is very popular in Cuba and safe. Traveling by Shuttle will never overshadow your stay in Cuba. If you come to Trinidad to explore Cuba, a visit to Varadero must be in your plans. A profitable way to get to Varadero is to apply for transfer services. Many tourists do so.

Another incendiary carnival is the Havana carnival. Havana carnival takes place on the capital’s waterfront Malecon. Havana carnival is a procession of giant figures that depict Cuban politicians. Music sounds everywhere, fireworks explode. If you want to see it all with your own eyes go to Cuba from July to August.

July 26, 1953 is considered one of the most significant dates in the modern history of Cuba — the day of the beginning of the Cuban revolution, or the Day of the national uprising (National Rebellion Day). Celebrations and carnivals are held annually in Havana and Santiago de Cuba. On this day Cubans hold carnivals, concerts and, of course, demonstrations in all the squares. To make your holiday always remained vivid emotions we advise you to move around the island by transfer.

How to get there and move around

You can reach your hotel directly from Jose Marti international Airport by Shuttle, which will pick you up and drop you off with all the amenities. If you want your trip to Trinidad or Santiago de Cuba was an unforgettable I advise you On the way from the Jose Marti international airport you can admire the beauty of Havana, riding on the retro cars of the transfer service. If you get bored dancing, you can safely go to Varadero, where the best beaches of the Caribbean.

Resorting to the transfer, you will not get confused in the navigation at the airport of Havana, as the driver of the transfer will meet you and guide you to the car. It will take you to the specified location and you will not have to walk to the public transport stop. Transfer in Cuba is always quiet and convenient. Transfer service of Cuba is your convenient and reliable vacation in Varadero, Trinidad and Santiago de Cuba.

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