Ikakos Peninsula is a Paradise in Cuba

Ikakos is located in the Northern part of Cuba in the province of Matanzas. This unusual name comes from the type of cactus. The coastal zone is protected from the elements of the sea by the largest coral reef. The most beautiful resort in Cuba – Varadero is situated in the fabulous Peninsula ikakos. The road from Havana to Varadero takes about two hours by taxi or shuttle.

Beach Entertainment on Varadero

Being here, you can immediately feel the true Cuban atmosphere full of joy, dance and incendiary rhythm. First of all Varadero is a beach holiday. You can enjoy Windsurfing, scuba diving and even horse riding on site. If you get tired of basking in the sun, you can safely ride on a yacht or on a water Safari. Water Safari is a leisurely cruise on a ship with a transparent bottom through which you can observe the underwater life. Varadero is considered one of the most attractive Cuban resorts where all conditions for diving. If you relax with the children can acquaint their kids with the marine life Dolphinarium Varadero. You can get acquainted with the living conditions of local animals, watch them feed, swim with friendly dolphins and take vivid photos in the Dolphinarium.

Varadero’s natural wealth

If you are interested in the unique natural heritage of Varadero go to the Cave of Saturn (Cueva de Saturno). You can admire stalactites, stalagmites and a small lake with a depth of 22 meters. If you are a brave traveler you can plunge into the refreshing water.
So everyone can find something to their liking and leave in full delight in Varadero. And finally, walking on the beach at sunset and hiking in the surrounding area. After all, isn’t this a bad time?

How to get there and move around

You can reach Varadero directly with an Airport Transfer from Jose Marti International Airport of Havana. You can immediately go to Varadero if you wish to just spend time on the beach and skip Havana city. But you could as well visit La Habana and then reach Varadero.There are several ways to get to Varadero or La Habana. The first way is by taxi. But if you take a taxi you won’t see all the beauty of Havana(Cuba’s political and cultural Capital). The second way is the transfer. If you want to make your trip to Cuba left a stormy experience better I strongly recomend the www.habanatransfers.com. I believe that the transfer to Cuba the best option of transportation than a taxi. A trip to the beautiful retro cars of the 50s will impress any traveler. Choosing a transfer will be the best solution for your holiday in Cuba!

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