La Fabrica de Arte de Habana – The Cuban Art Factory

If you are craving for something hip and very arty in Cuba, go visit a place loved by hipsters, youngsters and fashionable Cubans – the Cuban Art factory in Habana, a multi-faceted center of art, and an institution integrating visual arts, drama, music and dance.

Found in February 2014, the Cuban Art Factory is a transformed oil factory, located in the neighborhood of Vedado, Habana’s political and administrative center. It is a great place for integration, an interdisciplinary creative laboratory exhibiting the best of Cuban contemporary art. It was created by a rock musician and composer Equis Alfonso (X-Alfonso) who was inspired by the National School of Art of Havana where all artistic manifestations coexist in harmony. The conversion of the Cuban Art Factory into a cultural space happened due to the support of the Cuban Ministry of Culture.

The building Design is inspired by the Bauhaus school, which laid the normative bases and patterns for what we know today as industrial and graphic design, and whose revolutionary ideal was defined by its founder Walter Gropius by the following phrase: “the form follows the function”.


La Fabrica is an area where ideas between different cultural expressions coexist and exchange in one building. It is a project driven by a need to rescue, support and promote works of art of all kinds – cinema, music, dance, theater, sculpture, literature, photography, fashion, graphic design and architecture.


The complex is intertwined with a nightclub, a live music stage and a restaurant with a large screen cinema auditorium. On weekend nights the discoteca in the Fabrica’s basement kicks off and crowds of well-dressed young people line up around the block. Cuban teenagers that do not have a lot of money can go dancing at 2 a.m. for just a $2 entrance fee. Night visitors could also sit and watch a movie in one of several rooms and maybe drink a Mojito. As Nick Miroff from the Washington Post puts it, “few places in Cuba have been as successful at creating a space for high-end, high-minded art while also giving the city’s teens a fun place to hang out.”


Under the large fireplace, on the roof of the old factory, there is the restaurant El Cocinero, an original outdoor space, fully integrated into the dynamic activity of the cultural complex, where you can sip wine and taste delicious Cuban tapas.

How to get to la Habana

La Habana is easily accessible from the Jose Marti international Airport from which you could be transferred in 30 minutes. One of possible means of transfer to La Habana is provided by offering transfers in 1950’s American Classic Cars, Hard Top or Cabriolet.

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