Old Havana

A little about history

Old Havana is the historical city-center and one of the 15 municipalities forming Havana, Cuba. It was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1984. All historical buildings, monuments and town squares of Cuba were included. Total list of sights on Cuba is formed of almost 1000 objects. Naturally this part of Havana is the most famous and most popular among tourists. Overwhelming majority of Havana’s places that are required to visit is located exactly here. In fact, the area of downtown named Old Havana is not that big. But every kind of interests, such as a variety of buildings of colonial architecture, cozy courtyards, small park areas, museums and atmospheric cafes, squares, monuments and “parking” of retro cars – are found at almost every step. It is possible to wander on streets of Cuba infinitely long.

What can and should be felt

When you get to the Old Havana, you can immediately feel the soul of the past. You will find that you are in an open-air museum and the unchanging warm weather will provide you a pleasant walk through all the sights. Friendly Cubans will confirm all the folded legends about the hospitality and restless passion of their country. You will not be left without any impression of all the cultural and historical heritage that will fascinate you even if you decide to walk along the narrow streets. The impression that you are on a paradise Cuba island will not leave you during your stay. This will contribute to a fantastic atmosphere that attracts all the curious people. And this does not apply only to Havana. There are places in Cuba that can be considered a paradise on earth. One of them is Varadero, a popular Cuban resort on the narrow Hicacos peninsula or Trinidad, which is also a Cuban resort. To the listed places you can be safely transferred by taxi.


As is known from all the surrounding sources, Cuba is a country of joyfulness, incendiary dances, rum and, of course, famous cigars. You will surely see this in Old Havana. During walks, you can stay in small cafes, which are not simply arranged in vintage stylistics but are just like that. When you relax and try the masterpieces of national cuisine, you can safely continue your journey. But no matter how you decide to take your route, vintage will be everywhere, even in taxi. At night, Cuba becomes even more fascinating. The streets are crowded, the Cubans greet foreign guests with a smile, intend to join together in dances, there is a feeling that it’s some celebration in Havana. Communication with Cubans also can bring a huge amount of satisfaction. The history of revaluation and adventures of Ernest Hemingway on Cuba will be remembered by you, and may even be retold to your grandchildren. The main streets will not remain unnoticeable. They are simply full of retro cars that also work as a taxi. They are profitable to carry out various transfers and except other benefits, you will also get a huge amount of pleasure.

How to get here

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