Travelling in Cuba alone

Before you go to Cuba it will be correct to make a list of places of interest in Havana, Varadero or Trinidad. This way you will save your time while you are on the island of Freedom. If you decide to conquer Cuba alone we recommend to travel by car, or rather to use the Shuttle service, and make several routes. There are many options for transfer in Cuba. Following these simple rules, you can successfully travel alone in the Old Havana, Varadero, generally in Cuba.

From Jose Marti international airport you get to the capital of the island of Freedom – Havana. In Havana, it seems that everything around is not real, that it is the scenery for the shooting of feature films. The colonial architecture of Havana is impressive, but even more-a Park of retro cars. On these retro cars you can take a tour if you call the transfer service.

However, Cuba is famous not only for its architecture and antique cars: it is a holiday on the Atlantic coast, and treasure hunt off the coast of the Caribbean sea, and many small Islands with white sand and azure waters. Make an independent trip to Cuba not only for the beaches,but for the color of the country, the way of life of the local population, the opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of their everyday lives.

It is very convenient and inexpensive to travel to the cities of Cuba on the transfer. It is possible to book a car online. Contact the transfer Agency you can easily go to all the cities of Cuba on the route of independent travel. Give you practical advice to turn to Havana Transfers & Tours. You can easily book a taxi or transfer from Jose Marti international airport Havana to Varadero. An independent trip to Cuba can be very rich and varied. And if you book a transfer, you can see more interesting sights. To go to non-touristic, real Cuban places, which will fully show the lifestyle of the local population, will quickly and relatively inexpensive.

Now you know how to go to Cuba on your own and see the old cities of Havana and Varadero and you can do it today. There are people who will immediately buy tickets, book a hotel room and fly to meet the adventure. If you are one of those who are planning everything carefully, I recommend not to delay and still relax in Cuba as soon as possible. Cuba is close than you think! Get vivid emotions and unforgettable experience by visiting Trinidad, Varadero and Havana itself!

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